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Anonymous Asked: you're just a worthless camel riding nigger, thats all you'll amount to


I usually don’t publish these because I know without your internet anonymity, you wouldn’t dare utter this to my face, but one thing I find humourous about these type of messages is that your kind can’t even accrue the courage to send this to someone you claim to view as your subordinate, because I’m not and you know I’m not. I’m better than you in every way, even on my worst day. My politics are better. My personality is better. My life is better. You’re a miserable, sad, small and lowly being who, even while being safeguarded by the internet, doesn’t have the revere to stand by your bigotry. I crush your kind everyday. Everything I say and post, I do it with a face behind it, because I know the validity of my words. And what the fuck are you doing? Probably hiding in some deserted basement with your pet earthworm who you spend half your allowance to provide mulch for, feverishly awaiting an anon option to type this spineless trash in excitement that you finally were provided a chance to show those bold sj’ers whose boss, huh? The saliva my camel spits onto the ground is worth more than the amniotic fluid your surrogate wasted on giving you life.

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